Sending a Letter to the Editor of your local campus or regional newspaper is a great way to show your support for Jewish students on campus and push for a commitment to no tolerance for antisemitism. Student and local community newspapers reach the school community and often  get on the radar of your college’s leadership.  

These pieces can help address concerns from various communities, respond to claims by the publication, and/or create more widespread support for an issue.  

Below are tips for writing a Letter to the Editor.  

  • Keep letters relatively short. Newspapers have limited space for print and online articles. for the best chance to get your letter printed, keep it brief -- around 200 words.   

  • Reference other relevant articles from the publication. If you are responding to a previous article, make sure you are clearly stating what you are looking to address. Additionally, when addressing past pieces, include data from reliable sources to back up your claims.  

  • Use a timely news hook. What makes this relevant and interesting for this particular paper on this particular day? A recent campus event? Your relationship to the campus? Make it as timely and personal as possible. 

  • Follow our message framework. By following our framework, your letter will be unified with others across the country. This helps readers clearly understand the focus of the letter, without any confusion or speculation about what is being addressed.   

  • Include the call to action. It is vital that your letter calls for the school administration to commit to no tolerance for antisemitism and act to protect Jewish students. Without a call to action, the message of your letter is lost.  

Find examples of Letters to the Editor in The Harvard Crimson and Columbia Spectator

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