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Message from Rabbi David Wolpe, ADL Rabbinic Fellow

All of us are grappling with the disorders and venom on college campuses across the country.  Many of you wonder whether to engage, whether to step back, and how can things have gotten so out of control?

In this fraught moment, we at the ADL are mobilizing the resources of our community not only to fight back but to help ensure that colleges give you the protection you deserve. You can count on us to stand with you to combat those who hate, harass and try to destroy the purpose of the college experience -- to learn and to grow and to develop relationships that will endure.

Standing for what is right has been a Jewish principle since our earliest days, when Abraham stood before God to question God’s justice.  We do not always receive recognition or support in our battles; but we also know that kindness and decency are values we carry into the world and onto the campus, values we both embody and teach.

You are not alone and the Jewish people are not alone.  We have many allies who have spoken out for us and partnered with us.  They understand that what you have gone through this year on campus is not about robust argument, which we support, but about hate, which we fight.  We are monitoring the situation on campus every day and we are here for you.  

The Psalmist writes that there is weeping in the evening but in the morning there will be joy.  Together we stand for our beliefs, our people and the centrality of the land of Israel to Jews and Judaism.  While for some of you things may seem dark, we will greet the dawn, together. 

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