Response to Fundraising Requests

Your school may reach out to you with a fundraising request in the coming months. This presents an opportunity to urge your college or university to commit to no tolerance for antisemitism.

Dear <NAME>,   

Thank you for your email. As a <PARENT/ALUMNI>, I have been proud to support <SCHOOL> in the past. Recently, I have been concerned about the growing antisemitism on college campuses, As I evaluate my personal giving, I want to know that my contribution will be going to institutions that have committed to and taken action to achieve No Tolerance for Antisemitism, and that have enacted real, measurable, and hopefully public consequences for harassment, intimidation and other conduct that violates student and faculty codes of conduct.

Before I commit, I want to learn more about what <SCHOOL> is doing to support Jewish students, ensure their safety, and maintain a welcoming campus environment. I am interested in how you are enforcing the code of conduct to protect the safety of Jewish students, and how you are demonstrating your commitment to no tolerance for conduct that creates a hostile environment.   

I’m eager to learn more about what <SCHOOL> has planned to help stem the dangerous surge in antisemitism. Thank you.

Keep up to date with our fight against antisemitism, extremism and hate, and learn how you can make a difference.