Show your support for No Tolerance for Antisemitism by sending a letter to your university president. Below is a template letter you send your university leaders urging them to proactively counter antisemitism and make campus a safer, welcoming environment for Jewish students.

Dear President ___ ,

As a parent of (insert school) I am deeply concerned about antisemitism on campus. I reviewed the ADL Campus Antisemitism Report Card and was dismayed to see that my son/daughter/child is attending a (insert grade)-rated institution. I urge you to take immediate steps to improve the campus climate and ensure all students feel welcomed and safe at school.

Any parent knows how hard it is to drop your kid off at college, unpack them, and drive away. There is a level of trust between administrators and parents. We trust you to care for our children, educate them, and help them grow. During the course of the year, I feel like that trust has been broken. I have been upset to see (insert personal stories and anecdotes). I want you to commit to no tolerance for antisemitism on campus.

If you have not already, I urge you to take the following steps.

  1. Speak up forcefully against antisemitism.
  2. Rigorously enforce student and faculty disciplinary rules and non-harassment policies and ensure transparency regarding outcomes.
  3. Investigate anti-Zionist and anti-Israel groups that glorify terrorism.
  4. Create a task force or advisory group focused on campus antisemitism.
  5. Update security protocols and enforce time, place, and manner restrictions.
  6. Conduct trainings and incorporate antisemitism awareness into DEI.

I care deeply for this institution and its students and hope to see the university take action to counter antisemitism and better support Jewish students before the next school year.


Name of parent and name and year of student

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