Make No Tolerance for Antisemitism a Reality

No one should experience hate on campus. Every student deserves a safe and inclusive environment. Here are resources to help.

Organize a dial day

Write a letter to the editor

Write an op-ed

Tools for Dealing with Antisemitism on Campus


Think. Plan. Act.

A comprehensive online resource to help students identify and respond to anti-Israel bias and antisemitism on campus.

Click here for tools for dealing with antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents on campus.

Be an ally

Best Practices for Being an Ally

Here are some simple things you can do to be an ally to targets of antisemitism and hate. And remember—always think about your safety first when deciding the best way to respond.

Resource for Jewish Students During the College Selection Process

Group of diverse college students studying and laughing together

Questions When Considering a College

There is more than one right school for everyone, and what that right place is depends on many factors. Here is a set of suggested questions students can ask about a university’s commitment to no tolerance for antisemitism and what it has done to further that commitment.

Additionally, we recommend that students and their families talk to professionals and students at Chabad, Hillel, Olami and Greek life organizations to learn about their experiences on campus.

Not on My Campus: No Tolerance for Antisemitism

Report Antisemitic Incidents

Report incidents of antisemitism or hate to ADL. Use the CALL website or text "CALLhelp" to 51555 to have a lawyer review campus-based incidents of antisemitic discrimination, intimidation, harassment, vandalism or violence.

Keep up to date with our fight against antisemitism, extremism and hate, and learn how you can make a difference.